Pushing It Even Further


Breath No. 2

We’re heading back to Texas after taking our last trip for No. 2. Just a few more edits, some final photographs, and it’s finished. We’ll submit the issue to our printer by the end of April, and it should be ready for shipment around the first of June. We plan to list it for pre-order once we sign off on the press check.

We’re using 80# McCoy satin paper this time. It’s more expensive, but provides the density and feel that we originally had in mind. The new paper should lower the cost of postage, too. Wouldn’t that be great? We’ve looked far and wide and haven’t figured a way around shipping costs. 


Passover Service

Sometimes, you’re reminded of how important your work is just when you’re least expecting it. Last night we attended a service where three churches joined together to celebrate Good Friday and the Lord’s Supper. Seven pastors preached seven sermonettes on the sayings from the cross. Maybe it’s because of our legal training, but I’d say more than a couple of the sermons weren’t cohesive with the grand narrative of redemption. Here at Breath we work hard to ensure that all our articles are copacetic with the overarching story.. Because, after all, you can’t walk out the faith if you don’t understand it.

One aside, the church hosting the service was huge, probably having 2,000 seats or more on the main floor and in the balcony. Its bookstore only had about five different books in it. That was telling. 



Wrapping up the second issue, expect to see some additional tweaks to the website. We decided to republish our journal articles because online content makes it easier for people to find us. Having done that, we’ve made the newsletter a separate feed because we want to continue to provide our print readers exclusive content. 


Pushing It Even Further

We thought we were pushing the envelope with our first issue. No. 2 pushes it even further. Wait until you see the cover.

Peter Smythe