Breath No. 1

Breath No. 1


In this premier issue, we visit Skellig Michael (popularized by a recent Star Wars movie), the site of a Christian monastery built just 500 years after the death of Christ. We delve into John's revelation of "glory" and the meaning of "this sickness is not unto death." We interpret Jesus' "sign of Jonah" and find out why he abruptly moved to Capernaum after John the Baptist was beheaded. We speak to a modern-day Agabus and challenge our present-day Christian values in a provocative article entitled, Faith as Entertainment.

All of the content, including photography, is original and exclusive to Breath.

The publication is 144 pages, perfect bound, and off-set printed in full color on FSC-approved matte-coated paper in Canada. It features no advertisements and is distributed from the United States. 

Publish date: 1 February 2018

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